Sharing is Caring: Teachers can Learn, Ispired, Aspired and Earn from Teachers

In the previous article, I featured about the rare culture of majority of fellow Tanzanian Teachers to share their teaching experiences. The culture seem to be very common to western teachers. They share what they practice, believe and what works for them. This is an important move towards improvement and innovation in teaching and learning.

In Tanzanian context, things might be different. It is very easy for us to reside on the challenges imposed by teaching environment rather than focusing on what we can do. Focusing on what teachers can do is a special alert for teachers who blame about poor teaching environment and are still at their working stations. Allowing yourself to experience the hardships is a way forward towards innovation rather than blaming about the poor working conditions.

There is a need for teachers to shift their attitudes and allow changes to emanate from within. Those with the courage to share their teaching practices experiences are not only motivated by attractive teaching environment, but the passion of change, improvement and innovation. You can read about this study of lecturers from Iowa University who invested to address the challenge of facilitating Biology class of 1600 students.  An impossible transformation (in Tanzanian perspective) from lecturing to Student Centered mechanism was done with high achievements.

The above study is one of the efforts done by our fellows especially in the western part of the world. In the following part of the article, I will share some of the few (as examples) platforms organizations and by some of our fellow teachers who had decided to share their feelings, interests and experiences about teaching.

EDUTOPIA is one of the best platforms where teachers and other educational stakeholders shares their teaching experiences. It has wide range of collection of topics related to teaching and learning, and mostly from individual's experiences.

Casedilla Crumbs in the Classroom is owned by a teacher and a media specialist who shares her moments, teaching experiences and as a media specialist. Reading her contents careful can motivate and inspire teachers who not only want to enjoy teaching but also taking their careers to the next level.

Teachers Pay Teachers is another platform which bring together teachers efforts by collecting their digital learning resources. Teachers can cell, buy and even share their resources for free.

We are Teachers is another awesome website where you learn about what teachers and other educators think and shares about teaching and learning so as to bring innovation in teaching through collaboration. You an also read here the list of  Top 100 Teacher Blogs and Websites with Classroom Resources for Teachers prepared by Feedspot blog

In Tanzania, there are such websites and blogs which features about learning in our schools. Some of these blogs and websites include Jielewe, Walimu na Ualimu and Mwangaza. However, more efforts should be done to display and describe the achievements and challenges related to implementation of what we think can be applied and change the current situation in our schools.


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